2016 Plant Sale

Our Plants Sale for 2016 is over.  Our next Plant Sale will be in 2017.  The information below will show what was offered in 2016.


2016 Master Gardener Plant Sale and Educational Fair, (April 2nd, 2016)


Tentative List of Native and Adapted Perennials and Herbs For Sale

(Subject to Change)

Perennials Annuals Herbs
Artemesia Powis Castle Penstemon, Rock Gomphrena Basil, Cinnamon
Blackfoot daisy Pincushion plant (pink) Tweedia Basil, Sweet
Blue Mist Shrub Plumbago blue Basil, Lemon
Bulbine orange Pride of Barbados Basil, Purple Ruffles
Bulbine yellow Rock rose African Blue Basil
Calyophus Rosemary, prostrate Fennel, Sweet
Catmint ‘Walker’s low’ Rosemary, upright Fennel, Bronze
Chile pequin Russian sage Germander, Wall
Columbine, red Sage, Big red Lavendar, Grosso
Columbine, yellow Sage, cedar Lemon Balm
Coneflower, purple Sage, lyreleaf Lemon Verbena
Copper Canyon daisy Sage, ‘Lynn’s Everblooming’ Myrtle, dwarf Greek
Coral honeysuckle vine Sage, tropical red Oregano, Hot & Spicy
Coreopsis, ‘Nana” Salvia “Blue Hills” Oregano, Mexican
Damianita Salvia greggi apricot Sage, Garden
Dianthus ‘Baths Pink’ Salvia greggii coral Sage, Pineapple
Esperanza orange Salvia greggii pink Thyme, English
Esperanza yellow Salvia greggii raspberry Thyme, Silver
Firecracker fern Salvia greggii red Sage, Garden
Flame acanthus Salvia Henry Duelberg Sage, Pineapple
Four nerve daisy Salvia ‘May Night’ Thyme, English
Gaillardia  ‘Arizona Sun’ Salvia Mystic Spires Thyme, Silver
Gaura, pink and white Santolina gray
Germander, creeping Santolina green
Globe mallow Sedum
Ice plant, variety Shrimp plant  ( red )
Jerusalem sage Silver ponyfoot
Lamb’s ear Skeletonleaf goldeneye
Lantana ‘New Gold’ Skullcap pink
Lantana ‘Confetti’ Skullcap, purple
Lantana ‘Irene’ Society garlic
Lantana, purple trailing Society garlic variegated
Lantana, white trailing Standing cypress
Leadwort plumbage Texas betony
Manfreda Turk’s cap (red)
Mexican bush sage Verbena homestead purple
Mexican mint marigold Verbena, prairie
Mexican honeysuckle Verbena ‘Blue Princess’
Milkweed, tropical Yucca, red
Mistflower, betony leaf Zexmenia
Mistflower, Gregg’s blue Gulf Coast Muhly
Penstemon, Big Bend Inland sea oats
Penstemon, Gulf Coast Pine Muhly
Texas sedge
Mexican feather grass

8:00 AM – Learn about the Plants Available in our SaleOUR EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM SPEAKERS

Wayne Rhoden – Past President of the Williamson County Master Gardener Association and 20 year Master Gardener experienced in growing and maintaining native plants, herbs and other ornamental plants. You will get information on the requirements for sunlight, watering and feeding the plants and some cooking tips about using herbs in your meals.

10:00 AM – Emsud Horozovic – Selecting Trees and Tree Diseases in Williamson County

11:00 AM – Rebecca Caldwell – Vermicomposting


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