Keyhole Garden Workshop – March 23

By Betty Sims

Everyone with a garden struggles with the heat and drought. The past two summers have been especially difficult here in the Big Country. Although the drought may have wreaked havoc on our plants, most of us emerged with a strong resolve to find new ways to overcome our challenging climate. Enter Dr. Deb Tolman.

Dr. Deb has used her background in landscape design, environmental science and research of African survival strategies to create the ultimate raised bed garden. Sort of a “one stop shop” for extraordinary production and nutrition, Dr. Deb’s keyhole garden provides more healthy food under more challenging conditions that anything that’s come along in quite a while.

Like many successful innovations, Dr. Deb’s concept is surprisingly simple. It starts with a 6-foot diameter circle which defines the outside perimeter of the 3-foot deep gardening structure. The center of the garden includes a 1-foot in diameter mesh basket that’s used for continual composting. The key (pun intended) to the ease of using the structure is the notch (shaped like a piece of pie) that allows access to the compost basket. The bird’s eye view of the structure resembles a keyhole.

Participants will have the rare opportunity to learn about keyhole gardening concepts from Dr. Deb first in classroom setting and then be a part of a hands-on keyhole garden build. Our Keyhole Gardening Workshop brochure (Keyhole Garden Brochure) has more information. Complete and return our registration form (KeyholeGarden_Workshop_Registration) to reserve your space in this exciting workshop.

2 Responses to Keyhole Garden Workshop – March 23

  1. tcp97b says:


    I asked the workshop organizer to contact you at your email address.


  2. Jeannie Sorensen says:

    This class looks wonderful! Would there be enough spots for medium-sized church group to attend…say 20?