2015 Spring Plant Sale Saturday!


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Remember – the 2015 edition of the BCMG Sprint Plant Sale is this Saturday from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM at the Modern Living Mall – Taylor County Expo Center. Here are links to the plant lists: Type-and-Common_NameCommon_Name. The first is sorted by type and then common name; the second by common name only.  We are very excited about the plant sale and are looking forward to seeing you there.

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Before Buying Plants

Abilenian Article by Audrey Gillespie

Some Things to Consider Before Buying Plants

The annual Big Country Master Gardener Association’s annual spring plant sale is this Saturday, April 25, from 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. Come early for the best selection.

Join us April 25

Join us April 25

Here are a few things to think about while you are waiting. They will help ensure you have a good experience with your purchases.

Do you have a general plan for the area you are going to plant? If you do, you will likely be more satisfied in the long run than if you buy all your plants on impulse.


How much sun will the plants you buy receive? If a tag says full sun, be sure there are eight hours of sun in that area.

Shade is a little trickier. Light shade can usually be achieved with an eastern exposure. According to Steve Huddleston, the senior horticulturist at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens and author of “Easy Gardens for North Central Texas,” light shade under a tree means you look up and see only about 20-30% foliage compared to the amount of sky visible. Medium shade would be about 50%. Dense shade is no more than 20-30% of visible sky.


What kind of soil is present in the location you are considering for plants? Whether clay or sand, adding compost will improve it. If you are considering plants that demand excellent drainage, you need a sandy soil or need to build an above-ground bed to accommodate your choices. (more…)

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2015 Plant Sale

Join us April 25!

Join us April 25

More details available on Facebook

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Training Class is Full

THANK YOU to our many training applications for the 2015 training class. What an interesting mix of gardening enthusiasts!

The 20 seat class has been filled. Stay tuned for updates from our new crop of Master Gardener trainees as they make their way through the 15 sessions of intensive gardening training.

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2015 Applications are Open

So you want to be a Texas Master Gardener? MG training

Then fill out an application to join the 2015 Big Country Training Class! This year’s class will feature 15 sessions from February 12 to May 14 with speakers from across the state sharing their gardening knowledge.

The class is limited to 20 members, and applications are due by February 1, 2015.

Please call the Taylor County Extension office at 325-672-6048 with any questions or concerns.

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