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Keith Hansen, Smith County Extension Agent, writes a column each week which is published in the Tyler Morning Telegraph.

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 The link above is to Keith’s blog which includes his column and other gardening news and tips.

Dee Bishop, Smith County Master Gardener, writes a weekly column which is published in the Tyler Morning Telegraph each week.

May 21st column

     Spireas come in all sizes, colors, and shapes.  Lime Mound Spirea is one of ourDSCN5570 copy all-time favorites in the IDEA Garden.  Growing in our garden since day one, Lime Mound, makes a lovely show with its lime-green leaves and little clusters of pink flowers.  This is certainly a perfect little shrub for those wanting something no taller than two feet high and about two feet wide.

Lime Mound is blooming right now and will for a few more weeks.  If we get around to cutting it back by about a third when bloom time is finished, we will get another bloom in summer.  Keeping summer-blooming spireas dead-headed is the secret to keep them blooming into summer.  The most beautiful facet of this little shrub is its intensely glowing lime-green foliage that endures until frost.  Not evergreen, but so bright and spunky from April until first freeze, who cares?

Like all spireas, Lime Mound enjoys reveling in the sun.  Give it good rich soil that drains well and watch it perform.  There are many small spring and summer blooming spireas and we have several in the gardens.  They give lovely foliage color as well as lovely little flowers ranging from white to deep pink and with dead-heading will bloom for two to three months.  Every yard needs some spireas.  Choose the large early blooming bridal wreath types that make large graceful shrubs or welcome the smaller spring to summer bloomers that usually have deeper colored flowers and some lovely foliage.  The smaller ones make lovely ground covers for a sunny area.



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