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Keith Hansen, Smith County Extension Agent, writes a column each week which is published in the Tyler Morning Telegraph.

Keith HansenKeith Hansen’s blog

 The link above is to Keith’s blog which includes his column and other gardening news and tips.

Dee Bishop, Smith County Master Gardener, writes a weekly column which is published in the Tyler Morning Telegraph each week.

July 2nd column

   We have TIGERS in the garden and   you must come and see.    Our tigers areDSCN5711 copy guaranteed not to bite or attack.  They won’t even roar, but they are handsome fellows.  Our Tiger Lilies are blooming profusely right now and WOW!  Most of you know and may even have the old-time tiger lily with relatively small flowers.  I do and I love it, but these tigers are of a different breed. Four feet or more tall, brilliant orange with black markings, standing there ready to wow every visitor, these tigers are bold but gentle and oh—so– lovely.

Lilies require constant moisture, rich loamy soil, and plenty of sun.  Asiatic lilies are the easiest to grow here in the south.   Plant the bulbs as soon as you get them.  They should not dry out. Once they finish blooming, wait until the stems turn yellow before removing them.  Plant according to the size of the bulb with larger ones four to six inches deep and smaller ones less deep.  Easter lilies are the exception, (isn’t there always an exception?), and should be planted about one inch deep.

Our variety is almost certainly, ‘Enchantment’, a name very fitting, don’t you think?



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