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March – A Busy Month in the Garden

If you haven’t finished whacking back all the frozen perennials, grasses, liriope, aspidistra, ferns, etc., better get a move on.  As often happens after a severe winter, spring is determined to get here a little too early.  All those things will start greening up if they haven’t already.  Of course be ready to throw some pine straw, leaves, etc. over tender new growth if winter decides to rear its ugly head again.

Vegetable and herb gardens are in full swing, harvesting winter veggies and planting early spring ones.  Wait til April to plant summer things.  Nights that are too cool will cause diseases to attack stressed plants.

I have been thinking about curb appeal a lot and why and what it means to different people.  There are three  types of people who look at curb appeal  differently.

Number one wants nothing more than to make his yard and house attractive to passersby  or visitors.  Number two decorates his house and his yard to impress others.  Number three wants his place to be his very own retreat and sanctuary and if others love it so much the better.

Number one is often young and busy raising a family, working hard with little time for family and recreation.  He wants his place to look nice but to be easily maintained.  He could also be older but uninterested in gardening for whatever reason.  He just wants his property to be as attractive as any other around him.

Number three, may be any age, but gardening is an activity he loves.  He knows what plants his property will support, how much time he has, and he also loves to approach his driveway to be ‘welcomed’ by a beautiful landscape.  He hopes others will enjoy it too, but his primary purpose in keeping his grounds beautiful is for his own enjoyment.

What does curb appeal mean to you?  Think about it.  Of course we all tend to put our best foot forward if we are selling our house.  We see on HGTV all the time how important first impressions are to a buyer.  You can decorate inside and out to your heart’s content as long as your money lasts, but all the time and money in the world cannot put ‘love’ in the picture and that is one thing that impresses anyone who ever comes in contact with your home or yard.  A ‘home’ cannot be bought for any amount of money.  Like love, ‘home’ is all heart and a ‘home’ attracts everyone.

What kind of curb appeal does your place have?


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