Crape Myrtle -Lagerstroemia spp; sun; deciduous; comes in many sizes and forms; hybrids, many.
with Indian names have powdery mildew resistance, attractive bark, besides showy bloom.,

DogwoodComus florida; partial sun to shade; white and pink varieties; acid soil; give protection
from full sun

Fringe Tree – (Grancy Greybeard); Chionanthus viginicus; partial shade; deciduous; acid soil; give protection from full sun

Holly -llex spp; sun to shade; Yaupon Holly, /. vomitoria (evergreen); Possum Haw or Deciduous
Holly, l. decidua (deciduous); only female plants bear fruit

Japanese Black PinePinus thunbergiana; sun; evergreen

Japanese MapleAcer palmatum; partial sun to shade; deciduous; many excellent cultivar
including ‘Bloodgood’, ‘Crimson Queen’

Magnolia (deciduous types); Magnolia spp; sun to part shade; deciduous; Saucer or Tulip Magnolia  M. soulangiana; Star Magnolia, M. stellata; and M. hybrids.

Ornamental Pear – (Bradford Pear); Pyrus calleryana; sun; deciduous; improved varieties include
‘Aristocrat’, ‘Capitol’, ‘Whitehouse’

RedbudCercis canadensis; sun; deciduous; varieties include: ‘Oklahoma’

Vitex – (Lavender Tree); Vitex agnus-castus; sun; deciduous