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I have lived in East Texas since 2009; from Fort Worth, a newly saved christian, love God, love people,love life. Background in American Indian culture, history and believe natural or "organic" based methods are the best but if a product is bio friendly, I will promote it. Have a love for community gardens as well as searching for methods to incorporate gardening with self development and christian fellowship.


The Gregg County Master Gardeners will present a Learn at Lunch program will on  Wednesday, August 12.   Pat McCrory, Founder and President of New Generation Farms, Kilgore, Texas, will be the speaker.  His topic will be “I Want To Build A Green House.”  McCrory will explain all the necessary facts in building a green house, how to maintain it and use it effectively.   The program will be held at the Gregg County AgriLife Extension Auditorium, 405 E. Marshall in Longview.  The Master Gardeners’ business meeting will… Read More →

GCMG Initiative Campaigns

We need a recruitment drive to attract new and old members alike. This involves creating a colored fold out flyer ASAP. Anyone with document design skills please help. These will be printed and distributed to all MGs. Pictures of JR Curtis Garden and First Baptist Community Garden as well as Newgate Mission and the Kilgore No Till/Specialty Garden listed as learning centers. We also need a group to start a contact campaign to bring back those who have taken the training but who did not get the necessary… Read More →

Extended Business Meeting Agenda 7/08/15

Hello fellow Gregg County Master Gardeners, July is a notoriously slow period for us and our Learn at Lunch has low attendance. We on the Executive Committee had decided to cancel it but after further consideration, a extended business meeting was needed. These are the projects and opportunities that are in need of discussion: 1. Continuing the J.R. Curtis for the Blind Garden documentation and maintenance. Start developing removal lists as well as new locations for large shrubs. Our goal now is to slow down and plan. Anyone… Read More →

GCMG Presidential Newsletter May 1st 2015

Gregg County Master Gardener’s Presidential Newsletter 5/1/15 Hey there all, it has been a busy and exciting year so far. No time to look back as we head onto a bright future with a thriving interest in plant life giving us an opportunity to expand. The first thing that has happened with the support of Judge Stout and Commissioner McKinney was the Commissioners Court holding a forum to hear from the public the reasons why we need an Extension Office. Every program had a very effective and positive… Read More →

The Gregg County Master Gardeners, Learn at Lunch, program will be Wednesday, May 13.

The Gregg County Master Gardeners, Learn at Lunch, program will be 12:00 p.m.Wednesday, May 13 We will also have a Meet and Greet coffee talk for our new Extension Agent that day at 11:00 a.m. 2015-05, MAY 13, SHER DUNAWAY, P1 THE POLLINATORS, P2 HUMMINGBIRDS – NEWS ARTICLE .2015-05, MAY, 13, MG, SHER DUNAWAY, P1 THE POLINATORS , P2 HUMMINGBIRDS – FLYER (1) The program will be held at the Gregg County AgriLife Extension Auditorium, 405 E. Marshall in Longview.  Master Gardeners’ business meeting will begin at 11:30AM… Read More →

Texas Master Gardener March 2015 Newsletter

The newsletter must be a sign up only, it isn’t a general public newsletter. Here is the link:  Scroll down a bit on the rightside widget You will notice that Gregg is on the list of not paying our dues on time, which is wrong we did and Pete verified it and we are waiting for a answer as to why they didn’t document our submission.    

The Gregg County Master Gardeners, Learn at Lunch Wednesday, March 11, 2015

James Hayes,  Native Plant Society member, will be the speaker.  His topic will be “Indentifying Butterflies and Host Plants”.   Hayes has studied butterflies indigenous to East Texas for eight years.   Currently, he has in excess of 400 host plants.  Hayes will explain which butterflies are common in the East Texas area and describe host plants for butterflies .2015-03, MAR. 11, MG, JAMES HAYES, NATIVE PLANT SOCIETYMEMBER, LONGVIEW, TX – NEWS ARTICLE 2015-03, MAR. 11, MG, JAMES HAYES, NATIVE PLANT SOCIETY MEMBER, LONGVIEW, TX – FLYER


The Spring Garden and Landscape Seminar, sponsored by the Gregg co. Master Gardeners will be held on Saturday, March 7, In Longview, Texas from 7:45 to noon at the First United Methodist Church, 400 N. Fredonia St., in the Faith Center, Whaley St. entrance.  Seating is limited, so it is advisable to get there early.   Chris Wiesinger, owner of The Southern Bulb Company, located in Golden, Texas, will be the seminar speaker.  Since the New York Times story, in 2006, of Chris’ life as a bulb collector… Read More →

2015 Gregg County Master Gardener Class Schedule

January 7 – Class starts, brief overview, pass-out handbooks, and housekeeping duties. Plant Growth & Development, Basic Plant Fertility and Soil Testing – Pete Quinn, Gregg County Master Gardener January 14 – Environmental Horticulture – Landscape water conservation – Tim Hartman January 21 – Home Fruit Production – Dennis Smith, retired Gregg County Extension Agent – AG/NR January 29 – Special Program: Insect Identification Control, Dr. Mike Merchant, Urban Entomologist Texas A&M AgriLife Research Center, Overton, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. February 4 – Composting – Vermiculture Presentation,… Read More →

J.R. Curtis Bed 1 Final Layout design

This is the basic layout put together by the planning committee.