The El Paso Master Gardener program offers 12 weeks of intensive horticulture training on such topics as herb and vegetable gardening, trees and pruning, xeriscaping, soils, fertilizers, plant pests and more. After successful completion of the course, participants are required to volunteer time, sharing with the community what they have learned through a number of educational related projects.

For this year’s class, we will be selecting approximately 25 participants. After your application has been received, you will be called for an interview with the County Extension faculty. Although it is helpful for participants to have some basic knowledge about gardening and other plant-related topics, the selection process will be based more on willingness to become an active volunteer in an elite corps of El Paso County gardeners. If you are selected for the program, you will be given an intensive horticulture training that will serve as the foundation for the much broader knowledge that you will gain after having served as a volunteer (everyone who completes the program remarks that it is during the volunteer service of the program that they actually begin to retain the knowledge gained in the course).

After successful completion of the course, you will be asked to perform at least 60 hours of community service on approved projects during the following year. These volunteer hours will be served under the direction of the County Extension Agent and will involve answering questions from the public, working with other Master Gardeners in our research and demonstration gardens, designing and delivering gardening presentations, and various other fun projects throughout the year. Although only 60 hours of volunteer service are required to complete the program and become a certified Master Gardener, it is hoped that you will volunteer many more hours in your community. In order to retain your certification as a Master Gardener, you must perform volunteer hours and go through continuing education classes every year. Many opportunities exist for advanced training courses, which are only taught to certified Master Gardeners.

The Master Gardener training program runs September through mid-November each year. Policy information for El Paso Master Gardeners is found here.

Information about the fall 2017 Master Gardening training program will be available in early June 2017. Please return to this website to learn the class dates, location, and how to apply, etc.

For more information, you may also send an email to or call the Extension Office at (915) 771-2354.


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