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It’s November….What Needs To Be Done?

  • This is the ideal time to plant trees and shrubs; this will help them to get established before summer weather arrives. Consider the mature size of the plant, especially trees, when deciding on variety and placement.
  •  Dig a hole two to four times the diameter and one-inch shallower than the root ball. Make sure the root ball and the hole are thoroughly wet before planting. Backfill with the existing soil only and water well.

Fertilizing and Pruning

  •  Keep a spray can of pruning paint in your garage to imme- diately paint any wound on your oak trees. We no longer say there are windows of safety because of cold weather or hot weather. Central Texas weather is too unpredictable and changeable—paint every wound all year long
  • Feed and water vegetables that you are growing now.
  • Feed winter annuals growing in the ground and containerswith a water-soluble plant food.
  • Remove the tops of herbaceous perennials after they have died.

Garden Watch

  • Caterpillars like to feast on some cool-season annuals. If they are a problem, pick them off by hand and move them to another location. A spray containing Bt (Bacillis thuringiensis) can be used, but it kills all caterpillars.
  • Check potted plants growing outside for insects and spray if you plan to bring indoors overwinter.
  • Look for scale on cast-iron and other plants. Use a horticultural oil to control.

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Be Firewise!

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